Briefly: World's Tallest Waterslide, Game Of Thrones CGI, Cheap Xbox One Bundle

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: atop the world's tallest waterslide, the SFX behind Game Of Thrones, get the Xbox One Tintanfall bundle for $439.

  • The makers of Game Of Thrones employ a lot more CGI on the show than you probably think. This official HBO video shows what was added to the screen during post production via before-and-after comparisons.
  • You can currently get the Xbox One Tintanfall bundle from SaveOnIt for $439. For more online deals, head to our Hump Day Bargain page.
  • Got some spare time on your hands and feel like rocking out? Here are eight legendary rock concerts you can watch on YouTube right now.
  • The world’s tallest water slide is located at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City. It stands 52m high, which is taller than the Statue of Liberty. Head to Gizmodo for an interview with one of its creators along with a video of it in action.


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