Aussie Travellers Favour Europe Mid-Year, US At Christmas

If you want a guide to where Australians are travelling, the currencies they're converting are a reasonable guide. Data from travel card provider OzForex suggests that when we head overseas, our destination depends very much on the time of year.

Picture: 何塞埃利亚斯 (何塞•克鲁兹)

These are the most frequently converted currencies in November 2013 and June 2014, according to OzForex. (The card lets you store different currencies for use when you're travelling, and potentially take advantage of good conversion rates.)

November 2013 June 2014
USD: 40% EUR: 48%
EUR: 23% USD: 25%
AUD: 13% GBP: 14%
GBP: 12% AUD: 7%
JPY: 4% CAD: 3%

The most evident trend here is that the US is favoured towards the end of the year, while Europe's a little more popular at the end of the year — something to bear in mind perhaps if you're hunting down cheap tickets.


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