Words To Avoid In Your Online Dating Profile

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Are you modest, respectful, sweet, quiet and caring? Bad news — those terms are unlikely to score you love online.

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eHarmony Australia conducted a survey of its membership — so while the usual caveats about self-serving surveys and marketing apply, it's at least an interested group in the topic at hand — looking at which words and phrases to use in an online dating profile based on their attraction potential for the opposite sex. Sorry, non-hetero couples; you don't appear to have been consulted.

For men, the top terms are "Perceptive", "Physically Fit", "Passionate", "Intelligent", "Ambitious", "Optimistic", "Funny", "Warm", "Creative" and "Thoughtful".

Ladies looking for some male attention should apparently use "Sweet", "Funny", "Ambitious", "Thoughtful", "Easy-Going", "Passionate", "Outgoing", "Hard working", "Spontaneous" and "Happy".

It's not surprising that "Passionate" makes both lists, given it's a survey conducted by an online dating site, but otherwise it would appear that the attribute that unites romantic types is "Ambition". Also, fellas — hit the gym.

On the downside, the phrases for men to avoid are "Quiet", "Energetic", "Respectful", "Modest", "Kind", "Sweet", "Good Listener", "Loyal", "Caring" and "Spiritual". On the female side, apparently "Spiritual", "Quiet", "Romantic", "Good listener", "Rational", "Articulate", "Modest", "Respectful", "Dependable" and "Intelligent" are the words to leave out of your profile.

So don't be quiet or modest... apparently.


    Also on the list of words to avoid: "Stabby", "Chokey" (except if your name is Cheryl or Carol), "Hide & seek expert" and the phrase "feeds rocks to children in the park".

      From experience?

        Nah, I'm more the sort who wins over a person's heart with a little something I like to call a deep cycle marine battery.

        Last edited 19/06/14 12:10 pm

    So despite all the eharmony ads portraying their members as looking for something more 'substantial' than the usual Tinderesque public loo hookups, 2 of the top 3 terms for men are 'hunky' and 'horny' (aka “Physically Fit”, “Passionate”).

    I can see how 'spiritual' can easily be interpreted as "flaky crystal-hugging hippie" but the turn-off of terms like 'kind', 'loyal', 'dependable' and 'intelligent' are sad.
    Perhaps those terms have secret meanings beyond what appear to be desirable?

      Love the name you used, based on Gryada's comment :D
      'Kind', 'loyal', 'dependable' sound a bit more brotherly, not what a woman might be wanting in a partner... possibly what you'd like in a dog?
      "Intelligent" was on the positive list though, not the negative one.

      Last edited 19/06/14 3:38 pm

      Almost everyone I've met who describes themselves as "intelligent" is an idiot.
      Also there is a big difference between knowledge and intelligence.

      (Okay, okay, so I'm not Mrs Stabby McChokey, but with a nick like that, who could resist?! *swoons*)

      What feels crazy-making is that 'kind' and 'intelligent' would be two of my big turn ONs! No wonder I'm failing in the dating world! Loyal and dependable sound a bit more blah to me, but certainly not turn offy.

      Having said that, I think I hit the NotJackpot by describing myself as 'sensitive' and 'complex' (as well as kind and having integrity) *slaps forehead* Winning... oh. But then, these are all based on averages, and I'm not looking for Mr Average; I'm looking for Mr Just Right For Me, who happens to be Super Rare!

      (Oops, sorry, Stabby darling--but it HAS been over four years...)

      Oh and Ozone, 'intelligent' was on the list of negatives for women--apparently Mr Average likes his women dumbed down (and probably mute--oh, another fail!) *grins* Luck and Connection to all...

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