Use A Sex Swing For Washing Large Dogs

We present this without comment. A review of a sex swing on Amazon (link mildly NSFW) suggests it's also a useful way of washing larger dogs.


Specifically, a reviewer says this:

I have two large St Bernard's and this swing is good to hold dogs in while I wash them. I hang swing from a tree branch put dog in swing and wash dog while dog hangs in swing. It really is a sight to see but it works.

Why the dog does not run away is not explained — but it would undoubtedly be an option if you don't have a bath for your larger pet. Also a handy excuse if you want to buy a sex swing.


    If lifehacker has a panic button, hit it now.

    "Umm, you have a sex swing in your backyard?"
    "Oh, that's for Fido"
    [silence followed by rapid dialing of either 000 or RSPCA]

    Last edited 18/06/14 9:14 am

    any dog that would let you get it into a sex swing would not be hard to get into a bath....

    I have never tried but I would think so....

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