Repurpose A 18L Bucket Into A Child Swing

Repurpose A 18L Bucket Into A Child Swing

If you have a backyard tree just begging for a swing you can easily make a small child swing out of a 18L bucket using a design from environmental weblog EcoProjecteer.

The only materials you’ll need for the project are the bucket and a rope, but you’ll also need a drill, a saw, sandpaper and a permanent marker. Mark and cut out two leg holes, drill holes for the rope and mark and cut the sides of the bucket. Spend a few minutes sanding down any rough surfaces then take the swing outside and tie one of the rope to a sturdy tree branch, run it through the holes in the bucket and tie the other end to the same tree branch.

Not only will this keep a bucket out of a landfill but since most child swings cost $US25-50 you’ll save some cash as well. This should work great for kids from around one year old until age three or four; by then they’ll be ready to graduate to a tire swing.

5-Gallon Bucket Swing [EcoProjecteer via Five Gallon Ideas]


  • I think being tight is good in some applications, but being tight and hurting your kids is not the best.

    This looks rather hurty. If you want to keep the bucket out of landfill, do what I do and re-purpose them as herb pots, they look quite nice if you stack them as well (if they are all the same size).

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