The Offside Rule In Soccer Explained [Video]

The Offside Rule In Soccer Explained [Video]

The offside position is one of those hard-to-explain soccer rules that tends to flummox casual fans. One moment, your team is storming towards the net and about to score a surefire goal — the next, they’ve been forced to hand over the ball to their opponents. What gives? In the following video, the Allure Media team attempts to explain offside as it relates to soccer — with varying levels of success.

So, how do you think we did? If you think you can do better, give us your best shot in the comments section below!


  • Best way would have been to define what it is be onside hehe. Mark basically got it right. Only inclusions is that it only applies in an opponent’s half and only if the receiving player is in front of the ball. If the ball is being passed back relative to your goal towards you, but you’re behind two defenders, you’re not offside. Also, offside is only a problem if you make a play at the ball.

  • It’s not that hard.

    The rule was designed to stop an attacking player from “camping-out” in front of the opposition goal and have their team-mates just kicking it as far as they could down-field to him/her.

    So, if the ball is passed forward to you by a team-mate, then there must be at least 2 opposition players closer to the opponents goal-line than you when the ball is passed to you. If not, then you are offside, except if:
    (a) the ball is passed backwards to you, or
    (b) the ball comes to you direct from a goal kick, or corner kick (a corner kick is regarded as a backward kick as it starts at the goal line), or,
    (c) the ball is played to you by an opposition player, or
    (d) you are in your own half, or
    (e) You are not regarded as interfering with play or gaining any advantage (eg if the ball goes over you to a team-mate who is not offside, if the referee does not think you influenced the play at all, then you would not be called offside).

    Remember it is where you are when the ball is played to you, not where you are when you receive it.


  • Isn’t it as simple as:
    A player attempting to make contact with the ball must always have EITHER two opposing players, OR the ball between them and their goal.


  • Offside in Ice Hockey is so much easier to explain and understand…

    That said, pretty good effort by the Allure team at explaining the Offside rule in roundball football.

  • When the ball is moving forward off a team mate there must be at least two defenders closer to the goal line than yourself, except in the situation of throw-ins, goal kicks, corners, being in your defending half when the ball is kicked or if you are not interfering with the play.

    Not that hard is it?

  • the offside rule in soccer is stupid! if you can get the opposition out of position and you can beat the fullback and be only you and the goalie left, that should be rewarded pure and simple. in soccer its like the full backs are the retards in the community and get the special extra help, if they get outplayed the ref blows whistle and gives them free protection by taking ball away.
    in rugby ect off side just means you weren’t leaving enough room between playing of the ball thats it. in Soccer its stupid

  • I’ve played soccer since I could walk and I always thought offsides was bullshit. In pickup games, we never bothered with it. Whenever I coached little league, we always got rid of it. Yeah, I know, the purists will whine, but we didn’t play with regulation fields, regulation goals, and regulation balls, eh? More scores for the little kids and everyone is happier

    Same shit with little league basketball. Kids played with smaller balls and we had the rims lowered to 9 feet. Instead of the stupid 10-8 scores, it went to something like 40-38 and much more exciting. The WNBA plays with smaller balls. Why don’t they lower the damn rims to 9 feet. The’re would be slam dunks all over the place. More purists whining? How’s the WNBA attendance?

    Pro soccer will never be big time here in the States, it’s just too boring for the average A-D-D American. But for everyone else, getting rid the bullshit offsides would be good. If they did, maybe I’d even watch it. I could care less about international soccer.

  • Predictably, some pompous moron would pontificate about typical americans ignoring the beauty of the current state of the game. what beauty? 0-0 or 1-1 scores are beautiful? the same morons would argue that international soccer don’t need americans. fine, whatever, but don’t try to lecture that the offsides rule is the shits. i’ll continue to play on makeshift fields, old volleyballs, and rocks as goalposts without the stupid offsides. and i’ll continue to coach little league soccer sans the offsides crap.

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