Record Any Streaming Audio From Your Computer Using Audacity

Record Any Streaming Audio From Your Computer Using Audacity

Recording audio streaming through your computer — whether that’s an internet radio station, video game music or an online presentation — is always a pain to do. Digital Inspiration shows off a way to do it easily with Audacity and a couple of cables.

Depending on your particular setup, what you’ll need to do here differs. If you’re on a Mac, you can just set up Soundflower software so you’re recording your system’s audio. If not, you can use Digital Inspiration’s hardware solution that essentially runs your computer’s audio output right back into the input.

The nice thing about the hardware solution is that you don’t have to futz about with audio settings and additional software. Either way, once it’s set up, you can record that audio easily in a program like Audacity. Head over to Digital Inspiration for the full guide.

How to Record Streaming Audio with Audacity [Digital Inspiration]


  • I just have my input device set to the stereo output… i.e. no digital to analog and back again. Basically whatever audio your PC is outputting will be your input. Handy for recording audio from videos (YouTube etc.) and no chance of introducing noise.

    • Ditto. I just load Audacity and click Record. No extra cables or nuttin’.

      For YouTube though it’s much easier just to use Youtube Center addin for Chrome or jDownloader and download the audio stream directly.

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