Connect6 Displays Contact Info For Anyone Across The Web

Chrome: Want more information about someone you have found online? Connect6 puts it at your fingertips. Just hover over a name, email or social handle and you’ll see a quick bio as long as you have the free extension installed.

The service is similar to Vibe, except Connect6 works with more than just email addresses. Whenever information is available, you will see a ‘6’ next to a person, so just hover your cursor there to get the details. These details include a photo, short bio, social handles, and a cool feature that shows how many LinkedIn connections that person is separated by you from. By default, the email address and phone number are masked but you can unlock them with “credits”, an in-app currency.

Connect6 is in beta right now and the credits are free, but there may eventually be a charge for them. Right now, if you run out of credits, just email the developers and they will replenish them.

Connect6 PeopleDiscovery [Chrome Web Store via Product Hunt]


  • So how does this work? Does it scrape the pages of everyone with the extension installed to build a database of all this info so it can show it to people?

  • it works like rapportive but everywhere, not just in gmail

    this is a quite good product an i’d definitely recommend it for recruiters/sales people who need to get in contact with people quickly

    I imagine they gather info at least 2 ways
    1. the data you give when you connect via fb an linkedin
    2. via 3rd party scrapping/data businesses
    3. ?passing data from pages that you view back to them (their chrome extension permissions give them access to
    “your data on all websites”
    “access to your tabs and browsing history”

    sounds scary, but then again even ghostery is said to be owned by a marketing company who on sells your data

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