CocoPPa Adds Themes To Your Phone, No Rooting Or Jailbreaking Required

Android/iOS: Personalising your phone doesn’t have to be all about productivity. Sometimes it can be about style, and CocoPPa has that in droves. You can personalise your device with themes, icons and visual styles easily, both on the iPhone and Android, without rooting or jailbreaking your device.

There are plenty of customisation apps for Android that let you change the look and feel of your phone (most notably, Themer, one of our favourites). On the iPhone, you’ve traditionally had to jailbreak your device in order to install anything that lets you personalise the home screen. CocoPPa doesn’t demand you do that first — although whether or not you care for its approach to “cool style” is definitely a matter of personal choice.

The app does let you select from a massive list of themes, icons, individual apps and tools to make your phone more yours. You can customise the wallpaper, individual app icons, change the layout of icons on your home screens, share your customised styles with others or download pre-configured setups that other users have posted. The app itself is free, as are a lot of its customisation options. Some icons, styles and wallpapers are available using “points”, which are available in packs of several hundred via in-app purchase. Either way, if you want a little kawaii with your customisation, this is the app for you. Hit the links below to give it a try.

CocoPPa (free) [iTunes App Store]
CocoPPa (free) [Google Play via CocoPPa]


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