Build This GPS-Logging Harness And Track Your Pet's Movements

If you've ever wondered where your dog actually goes when you let him off his leash, or what your cat does while you sleep, this GPS-logging harness, packed with wearable electronics, can put it all on a map for you. Best of all, you could wear it yourself.

The video above walks you through the project. When you're done, you'll have a GPS-logging kit that you can attach to an existing pet harness. Adafruit's Becky Stern (who you may remember from her How I Work) uses it to get a bird's eye view on how far her dog roams when she goes to the park. At the core of the setup is the sewable, Arduino-compatible Adafruit FLORA and its GPS module. With some conductive thread, batteries and clear vinyl for water resistance, and you're ready for the great outdoors.

Once you've let your pet off to run and play and collected the data, connect your computer to the FLORA and download the stored GPS data. Then plot it on a map to see how far your pup ran, or how much time your cat spent exploring. If you prefer self-tracking, you could switch the system up and use it to roll your own fitness tracker or GPS-logging device to see where your own travels take you, without handing that data off to someone else.

Granted, the system isn't useful for finding a lost pet or tracking your pet in real time. You have to have physical access to the harness in order to download GPS data. However, if you're curious about the secret life of your pet, this project is worth checking out. Hit the link below for the full walkthrough and parts list.

GPS Logging Dog Harness [Adafruit Learning System]


    Pet owners shouldn't be letting their dogs and cats roam around on other people's land.

    That said, it's a clever idea that might help find lost pets.

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