This Checklist Shows Every Step You Need When Moving A Data Centre

This Checklist Shows Every Step You Need When Moving A Data Centre

What’s worse than setting up a new data centre? Relocating an existing one. Make sure you don’t miss any steps by working through this checklist.

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Irwin Teodoro, national director for data center transformation at Datalink, shared this checklist at the recent Data Center World 2014 conference. While there are a lot of steps to follow, that’s to be expected with an undertaking of this magnitude.

Even with careful preparation, there are bound to be tricky moments. “A data centre is a planned disaster in some respects,” Teodoro said.

One area to be especially cautious? Make sure you purchase enough cabling.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen moves go awry because of cable management,” Teodoro said. “It’s not just because labels are missing. I’ve seen instances where we’ve ordered cables and we’re just a tiny bit short from reaching the right panel.”

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  • Moving a data centre or servers is moving very sensitive equipment! I would rather get a professional to handle it just in case there is sensitive and confidential information that can be compromised!

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