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If you're setting up new server racks, then using a "top of rack" approach where you connect every rack to its own individual switch at the top of the rack and then link those into your broader network fabric produces a lot less cable clutter than a "structured cabling" approach tied to a centralised management area within each row or for the overall data centre. However, it could prove a lot more expensive over time.


Here's the evidence you need when your boss asks you how hard it is to run a data centre: only 5 per cent of them have a proper data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solution and more than half of them want to change whatever half-baked system they do have in place.


Energy costs are one of the biggest expenses in managing a data centre, so IT pros are understandably focused on trying to reduce them. But don't let that ongoing hassle leave you with the impression that data centres themselves are a really big consumer of energy in global terms.