Fit Your Cupboards Next To Your Dishwasher For Easy Unloading

Fit Your Cupboards Next To Your Dishwasher For Easy Unloading

Unloading a dishwasher is one job no one loves, but you can make it a whole lot easier by just assigning the space next to it for storing plates, knives, cups and other everyday items, says Myquillyn of Nesting Place.

While renovating her kitchen recently, she planned for the dishwasher to be right next door to the storage for the stuff that she washes in the dishwasher. Of course, this needn’t be a task you only take up during remodelling. If there is a storage space next to your dishwasher, then just move stuff there.

Now, everything but pots and pans can be unloaded from the dishwasher without even taking a step. Dishwasher unloading takes about 90 seconds and even the 16-year-old thanked me for planning out the kitchen to make unloading the dishwasher super fast and non-dread-inducing.

I had a moment where I wondered if the silverware should be closer to the table since that’s where we use it. But then I figured it would be best to cater to the chore I dread the most. Which isn’t grabbing the forks to put on the table, but rather putting away the forks from the dishwasher.

It might not be storage next to the dishwasher that works well for you. Myquillyn’s basic advice is to look for what task you dread the most in the kitchen and rearrange your space so that it becomes much easier — an idea we’ve talked about before in our geek’s guide to rebooting your kitchen.

The One Kitchen Tweak That Changed My Attitude [Nesting Place via The Kitchn]


  • I would think that storage cupboards being next to your dish washer would be a no-brainer. Unless you’ve got a stand-alone unit, which has it’s own set of problems to begin with, built-in dishwashers are almost always on the same console as the storage cupboards for crockery and other dinner ware isn’t it?

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