Adjust Your Top Dishwasher Rack Height Like A God Of Time And Space

Adjust Your Top Dishwasher Rack Height Like A God Of Time And Space

This is not a dream. The top rack of your dishwasher is (probably) adjustable. Whatever height you always left it at, that was only one of multiple options. Go, adjust it. Now you can fit your pans and platters in the bottom rack – or now you can fit tall glasses and crockery in the top rack. You can even remove the top rack entirely. You are Doctor Strange; you are Neo; you are the Inception lady who can draw a maze real fast.

Here are the words of the prophet who spake this truth from the wilderness, after he read the ancient texts (his dishwasher manual):

Here are some brand videos showing you how to raise and lower the top rack, starting with a Bosch dishwasher:

A Whirlpool dishwasher:

A Thermidor dishwasher:

Here’s the ending to The Matrix:


  • When i first moved in the dishwasher we had didn’t, but i could easily fit wine glasses in the top and dinner plates in the bottom, then it died.

    The (free, 2nd hand) replacement, a crappy low end miele is adjustable (I never new they were adjustable until 5mins after installing it i noticed the lever on the side and curiously fiddled with it).

    But due to the poor design, i can either have wine glasses barely fit in the top, (normal size dinner) plates fit in the bottom or wine glasses fit and dinner plates wont fit at all, french people must have small dinner plates.

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