Prevent Cookbook Pages From Sticking Together With Baking Paper

Prevent Cookbook Pages from Sticking Together with Parchment Paper

As helpful as cookbooks are in the kitchen, you end up mistreating them. Drop a bit of sauce on a page and it will become stuck to its neighbour. The solution? Baking paper.

The Oregonian details that solution, which works well with baking paper (or parchment paper as it's called elsewhere):

  • As soon as possible, blot the pages dry with paper towels, being careful not to spread the moisture any further.
  • Slide a piece of wax or parchment paper between the pages before closing.
  • The next time you reach for the cookbook, discard the wax or parchment paper, and the pages will be dry and not stuck together.

To completely avoid the issue, you could ditch cookbooks altogether and manage your recipes with apps .

How to clean up messy cookbooks and keep pages from sticking together [The Oregonian]


    ...ah, does this work with other, let's say, magazines?

    Or wrap in Gladwrap and then discard when finished.

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