iBetterCharge Monitors Your iPhone’s Battery From Your Mac

iBetterCharge Monitors Your iPhone’s Battery From Your Mac

iBetterCharge watches any iOS device connected to your Wi-Fi network that has the “Sync this iPhone over Wi-Fi” option enabled. From the menubar, you can instantly see how much of a charge you have left and set up notifications for when the battery gets low. Assuming you don’t want to keep your iPhone plugged in all the time, this iBetterCharge is a simple way to keep an eye on your battery.

iBetterCharge (free) [via iDownloadBlog]


  • Doesn’t look trustworthy. Does not work unless the phone is connected to USB, and firewall logs show that it tries to connect to sites that should have nothing to do with the app, such as play.google.com.

    Gone from my Mac now. Simply don’t trust it.

    • Actually, just try following the steps below, it should work out for you without having the device connected:
      1. Connect your iPad/iPhone via USB
      2. Make sure that ‘Sync over wi-fi’ is enabled inside iTunes
      3. It should be detected by iBetterCharge now.
      If it doesn’t, please try rebooting the device.
      You may then disconnect your device from the USB.
      Now it should work properly 🙂

      The app is free and certified by Apple. So, I’m not sure how you were able to locate anything untrustworthy.

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