Which Year Of Primary School Did You Enjoy The Most?

Our experiences in primary school can shape our whole attitude to education. A friend on Facebook asked a great question the other day: which year of primary school did you enjoy the most?

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For me, it was undoubtedly year 6. I'd always done quite well in school academically, but Mr Ferry, my teacher that year, was the first to give me a sense of the breadth of opportunities the world offered. He inspired my love of history, of writing, of literature, and of social justice, encouraged me in areas where I had minimal skill in such as art, and spent considerable amounts of his own money to ensure our classroom was properly resourced.

He was adept at conveying information to kids no matter what their abilities, and had a genuine love of the teaching process that I'd not really enjoyed before and have encountered quite rarely since. Sadly, he's no longer with us, but I've never forgotten the huge role he played in my life.

Which year at primary school did you enjoy the most and why? Tell us — and tell us why — in the comments.


    Definitely year 6. I had the same teaacher for years 5 and 6, and was in a composite class for both. I know for some kids that doesn't work but I really liked having a wider range of ages (plus we got a head start on year 6 work!). My favourite part of year 6 was extension studies though, where every Tuesday a group of us would go to a local high school and do all sorts of things – everything from solving a mystery and learning about forensics to dissecting a sheep's brain!

    Prep was good..........I still miss the days that just colouring pictures was considered a productive days work.

    Was going to say Year 6 as well, but of course it is based on your teacher. Luckily had a great teacher, and so was therefore a great year. Watched an ep of Mr Bean nearly every day!

    I enjoyed a brief stint of popularity in year 4, before they put us into graded classes - I ended up in the "smart class" and was therefore a "loser".

    Year 6 for sure though year 4 was pretty good from the little I recall of it. High school had to be year 9 followed by year 12.

    Funny how most people have said year 4 or 6. I don't remember a whole lot from primary but it might be year 8? That was the first year I took part in the hockey team, and started learning languages seriously. But by far my favourite part was our class's Christmas party, because our teacher was also a music teacher she would play the piano while we all sat around and sang songs with a big xmas tree in the corner :)

    Also, the guy in that picture looks a teacher from my old high school 0_o

    I can't remember back that far. It's all one homogeneous mess. (Or is that humongous mess?)

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