Superbowl Lesson: Cameras And Passwords Are A Dangerous Combination

Superbowl Lesson: Cameras And Passwords Are A Dangerous Combination

We all know it’s a bad idea to write your password on a Post-It note and stick it to your monitor. It’s also a bad idea to display your password clearly on a screen that is being filmed for a major TV broadcast, but that happened over the weekend in some pre-Superbowl coverage in the US.

You can see the offending screen grab (from a CBS story on Super Bowl security) above. We’d imagine this password has been changed since. This is why not displaying passwords is a good idea. Even though it’s a hassle when they appear as asterisks, it ensures that no-one else can easily copy them. You’re unlikely to have a broadcast network in your office, but almost every single staff member will have a mobile phone with a camera.

CBS Broadcasts Wi-Fi Password For Secret Super Bowl Security Center [Deadspin]


  • It’s for Wifi access, not like its a system password or the like.

    Sure it could potentially be used maliciously, if someone with their access to their computer is in range of the wifi (At the stadium) and is watching CBS instead of the football but that’s a pretty unlikely set of circumstances.

    Sure it’s a slight faux pas if you’re going to broadcast footage of the screen and someone should have minimised it. But your comment about every staff member with a camera, the message is most likely there FOR them, meaning they would have the details regardless.

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