Puffin Web Browser Brings Flash To Mobile Phones

Android/iOS: Flash on your mobile phone isn’t nearly as necessary as it once was. But if you find yourself wishing you had it now and again, Puffin is a web browser that not only brings you Flash, but also an incredibly speedy browser experience overall.

To make Flash work, Puffin gives you a virtual trackpad and gamepad so you can control Flash games. It also allows you to use add-ons that let you share to Facebook, Pocket and other services.

Puffin does a lot of its heavy computing in the cloud, which is not only why it can render Flash, but also why Phone Arena found that it was speedy at rendering almost everything else.

As you’d expect, this is a battery hog, but if you just occasionally need to get access to a Flash site, it’s a good app to keep around. You’ll find free versions of Puffin Web Browser that restrict how often you can use the app, or you can snag the paid version for $2.99 to get unlimited access.

Puffin 3


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