Firefox For Android Update Offers Seriously Speedy Browsing, Bookmark Syncing

Firefox for Android Leaves Beta, Offers Seriously Speedy Browsing and Bookmark Syncing

Android: The last time we mentioned Firefox for Android, it was still in beta. Its speed, good-looking interface and support for Firefox Sync all earned high marks. Now, Firefox for Android has shed the beta tag, and the new version brings some serious speed and feature improvements that make it well worth trying out on your Android phone. Here's what's new.

The first thing you'll notice about the new version of Firefox for Android is how fast it really is. Even on a high end device, where pretty much every browser feels fast, Firefox stands out for quick page loads and really smooth panning and zooming around websites. Full flash support is available, so web videos play in-line without slowing the rest of the browser to a crawl. Firefox also supports add-ons and Personas, and while there aren't too many yet, expect a burgeoning add-on market to develop as third-party developers start building Firefox extensions for mobile browsing.

The new "Awesome Page" start screen you'll see when you launch Firefox for Android shows you your bookmarks and most recently visited sites, and you can always pull down recent searches and URLs from the URL bar at the top of the screen. Speaking of bookmarks, the new version has also improved Firefox Sync, so keeping your bookmarks synchronised on your mobile device and your desktop is easy and painless. Firefox for Android is also the first mobile browser to support Do Not Track, and while it's off by default, turning it on is a simple check-box in the browser's settings.

We knew Firefox for Android was worthwhile before, but the new version is surprisingly good and well worth checking out. It definitely stands up to the competition, most notably other browsers like our favourite Android browser, Dolphin HD. If you're looking for an speedier alternative, or use Firefox on the desktop, grab Firefox for Android now. It's free and available for download at Google Play.

Firefox [Google Play via VentureBeat]


    I can't download it to my HTC Desire runnin 2.3.5 - Play thinks it's incompatible with my phone, anyone else have this problem?

      I downloaded it, but i wouldn't recommend it. In idle position in the background with the ninemsn website open, it was consuming 107mb of ram as opposed to chrome Beta on 27mb and default Internet browser at 25mb. Not to mention firefox was also consuming cpu while it sat there as the others didn't. Yes it opens up really quickly and websites are fast, but damn it consumes usage.

      See here:

      They have a reboot bug still to be fixed for the HTC Desire. No tablet support is disappointing too.

        Thanks @Rossco!

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