Make A Toddler’s Bath Time Less Frustrating With A Laundry Basket

Make A Toddler’s Bath Time Less Frustrating With A Laundry Basket

The bathtub can be a big place for a toddler, especially when a favourite toy floats out of reach. Make things a little less frustrating with a simple laundry basket.

Don’t ever leave babies or toddlers alone in the bathtub. Now that that’s out of the way, we can enjoy this simple tip brought to us by Even when you’re sitting right next to the tub, it can be a pain having to reach for every toy that floats away from your toddler. Plus, it’s more fun for kids when they can reach things themselves. A well-positioned laundry basket can even help prevent slipping and bumps on the head from taps.

28 Hacks That Make Parenting Easier And More Fun For Both You And Your Kid [Lifehack via Reddit]


  • We only have a shower cubicle and no bath, so good old classic baby bath in the bottom serves this purpose well.

  • Toddler inadvertently leans against one side of basket, basket tips, bottom of basket becomes wall holding toys that impede Toddler from getting up… This seems like a well-intentioned dumb idea.

    • How wide is your bathtub? A standard basket would fit almost snugly into your basic bathtub, so I can’t see how it would tip, even with a little bit of movement. Plus the added fact which was also noted by the author, that one should ‘never’ leave a baby or toddler unattended in the bathtub no matter how secure they are.

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