How To Offer Your Thoughts On Australia’s Proposed IT Curriculum

How To Offer Your Thoughts On Australia’s Proposed IT Curriculum

A Digital Technologies Curriculum for Australia has been in development for the last year, which would cover how technology skills are taught in schools all the way from kindergarten through to year 10. There’s now a limited window of opportunity to comment on the proposed plans.

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As The Register reports, publication of the IT curriculum was delayed after the new Coalition government decided it wasn’t happy with some of the other national curriculums being developed, and decided to launch a review of the entire shebang.

However, this week the technology curriculum has now been released, and there’s a chance for interested parties to comment — but not a lengthy one.

Recommendation on the curriculum are being accepted online until 28 February. The final report isn’t expected until mid-year, which means 2015 is the absolute earliest we’d see it implemented — and 2016 or beyond is more likely. But hey, it’s not like technology is a fast-changing area, is it? Oh, wait . . .

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  • is there a way i can just tell them to undo anything abbots government did to it?
    with their tech record, it cant be good.

  • As a highschool teacher currently trying to implement the Gillard/Rudd ACARA national curriculum for social studies, I can tell you that this curriculum absolutely sucks in a big way. It was written as if any one section of it ( eg history vs geography sections) was the ONLY thing we teach all year, which it isn’t because there’s economics politics, law and civics to do as well, and then we get 10 weeks to cover at a minimum 16 weeks worth of material…

    If the digital IT curriculum is anything similar then anything, anything at all has to be better that what is probably in place now.

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