Dealhacker: How To Save 40 Per Cent On Taxis With Uber

Dealhacker: How To Save 40 Per Cent On Taxis With Uber

Uber is the car service from the future, and now it’s even cheaper!

In a bid to make the local cab market more competitive, Uber has decided that all cab rides booked through UberTAXI (not Uber Black or LUX) will be 40 per cent cheaper between the hours of 10am and 5pm.

Uber Sydney says that it’s doing it because they want more people riding in cabs:

“We’re obsessed with efficiency and hate seeing cabs drive around empty. With these lower prices, we think you’ll find a few new reasons to ride Sydney’s taxis more often,” they wrote in a blog post.

Drivers clearly won’t take up the service if it pays them less money than traditional trips, so we imagine they’re still getting the same sort of cut. Logically speaking, the price drop has to be fuelled by a drop in revenue for Uber Sydney. The Australian Financial Review asked Uber Sydney’s head about it, and he’s not talking, so we’re left wondering who’s pocket this is coming out of.

Either way, it’s less money out of your pocket!

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