Build Your Own Photography Lights On A Budget

Build Your Own Photography Lights On A Budget

Lighting equipment is one of those categories of gadgets that can cost as much as your budget allows. If you would prefer not to blow your life savings on nice kicker lights, you can build your own for less money than you think.

How-to blog Man Made DIY details how to build a simple highlight or kicker light using a simple flood light and some wiring. The project is relatively straightforward and should be doable for anyone with even minimal experience with wiring cables.

How to Build Your Own DIY Photography Light for Under $15.00 [Man Made DIY]


  • This is literally the worst idea. If you want dodgy, off-colored lights burning into the back of your subjects head, instead of wasting your time and potentially electrocuting someone, buy a prewired floodlight from Bunnings for ten bucks.

    Considering he uses a fluro for a main light and this POS for a kicker, no wonder all the shots are in black and white.

  • AFAIR this is illegal in Australia unless you’re a licensed electrician.

    Also, as mentioned above, your colour temperature / white balance will be all over the place.

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