Construct A Bedside Table For Your Bed With A Few Boards, Screws And Hinges

You don't miss having a bedside table until, well, you don't have one. There's something inherently dangerous about placing one's tea cup on the floor and having to stick your lamp in a position where it provides sub-optimal coverage is just frustrating. Fortunately, you can improvise your own table with a bit of elbow grease.

Photo: mrinaldi1

Instructable's user mrinaldi1 recently encountered such a situation, when his IKEA-bought Brimnes bed found itself decidedly lonely without a table-shaped friend.

The project itself is fairly straightforward — most of the work will be locating panels of the same colour and correct size (if you're against pulling out a saw). After that, it's a matter of attaching hinges and screws so the table takes on the proper form and fits with the bed... and any walls in proximity.

Clearly it's not applicable to all bedroom setups — or beds for that matter — but it's a simple weekend project that could solve all your bedside table issues.

Suspended bedside table [Instructables]


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