Briefly: Sunscreen Application Tips, Dark Souls II Trailer, Senator Pushes For Higher Speed Limits

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: 2014's hottest swimwear trends, New South Wales-Senator-elect pushes for motorists to set their own speed limits on freeways, free online courses from Udemy.

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  • Senator-elect David Leyonhjelm of New South Wales is calling for freeway speed limits to be abolished, along with 40km/h zones in suburban areas. Leyonhjelm's proposal would see a similar system to Germany’s autobahn which lets motorists drive as fast as they feel safe going. "Instead of being treated like sinful children and a source of revenue, motorists should be the ones who decide what the limits are," Mr Leyonhjelm said. Click here for the full report.
  • Have you ever wondered what happens when water freezes in a box that's so strong that it can't expand? Here comes the science!
  • Dark Souls is widely regarded to be one of the toughest video games in the history of the medium. Soon the sequel will be out — if this trailer is anything to go by, they haven't eased off on the difficulty much. There goes the rest of your year.
  • PopSugar Health & Fitness has written up some handy suncreen application tips: click here for a refresher course on the strange body parts that you need to remember.
  • In other beach news, PopSugar Health & Fitness has the skinny on the hottest Australian swimwear trends this summer. Tiny Brazilian bottoms are in, apparently.
  • Udemy has slashed a handful of online courses by 100 per cent; including Workshop in Probability and Statistics, How to Paint a 3D Simple Sculptural Rose, Javascript The Beginners Guide, How to Use Chrome Developer Tools and Building Incredible Willpower You can find a bunch of additional online deals via our Bargains For Hump Day post — click here to land yourself a saving.
  • Thanks to the Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality is back in vogue again and this time it's more than a gimmick. In this interesting opinion piece, Kotaku editor Mark Serrels explains why he has become a firm believer in this Phoenix-like technology.


    "Leyonhjelm’s proporal"?

    I like the idea of higher speeds on freeways a lot. I'm not so sure about other areas though.

    It's quite sad that our senate electoral system is so broken that loonies like Leyonhjelm get a voice.

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