Briefly: Oculus Rift Hands-On, Free Ebooks, Why Do Humans Kiss?

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Australian hands-on with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, the science behind kissing explained, everything you need to know about LG's new TV range.

  • Over the past few days, the staff of Allure Media have been stumbling about like queasy drunkards with a slightly crazed look on their faces. The culprit of these shenanigans is the Oculus Rift — a virtual reality headset that instills wonder and stomach-curling vertigo in equal measure. You can watch a video of a few of us playing around with the device at our sister website Kotaku.
  • What makes humans so desperate to smooch each other? Apparently (and slightly disturbingly) it's actually linked to infancy. This video from vSauce explains the science behind sucking face.
  • This week, LG Australia launched its 2013 HDTV range at an exclusive Sydney event that featured the actor Ewan McGregor for some reason. Included in the new range is the 65-inch 4K/Ultra-High Definition UHD which sells for a cool $8999. You can get all the details about these new tellies by heading to Gizmodo.
  • Australian discount book seller QBD has launched its own eBook store for Android, iOS and PC/Mac. Pay a visit to the QBD website to find out more.
  • In other ebook news, Amazon is currently giving away a handful of interesting titles for free, including: Love Your Body The Way It Is (RRP: $9.99), Career Freedom: The Human Energy Model (RRP: $2.99) and Beyond Office Politics: The Hidden Story of Power, Affiliation and Achievement in the Workplace (RRP: $12.95). [Via OzBargains]


    So I missed it again – the Amazon’s eBook deals. I checked the human energy Model and it’s now $4.99. Why it is hard for me to get cheap eBooks? hope I could find one in

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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