Break In A Hardcover Book (Without Ruining The Spine)

Break In a Hardcover Book (Without Ruining the Spine)

Some hardcover books need a little breaking in — especially if you experience "creep" (text getting lost in the gutter of the pages). Here's how to solve this problem without ruining the book's spine.

It may seem a little obsessive to go through this process, but when you have a book with serious creep (especially a problem with hardcover comic books), it can definitely help. Just lay the book on its spine, and alternate between opening a few pages from the front and back. This should "limber up" the binding without breaking it, and make reading a little easier. Click the "Expand" button on the image to the left to see it full-size.

How to Open a New Book [Boing Boing via Reddit]


    I never knew this. Although I do wonder if this might accidentally cause spoilers before you actually read the book.

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