An Ultra HD TV For Under $1000 (Catch: It's A Kogan)

Ultra HD (aka 4K) TVs are ridiculously hi-res, but also ridiculously expensive. If you don't fancy paying out $8000 for one that's already had its price slashed, you can pick one up for $999. From Kogan.

The new model, announced today at CES and on sale from late January, has a 55-inch screen, 4 USB ports, and runs Android 4.2 as the basis of its Smart TV features. Gizmodo's Luke Hopewell checked the set out at the launch and says it's impressively thin and the panel looks good.

Earlier this week, we saw LG slash the price of its 55-inch OLED model from $12,000 to $8000. This model isn't an OLED offering, but $1000 is a much more sensible price to pay than $8000 if you ask me. The TV hasn't yet shown up on Kogan's online store.


    I've bought, and had to return for refund after several months of Kogan support, three different products. A tablet, PVR and a Blu-Ray Player.

    Never again!

      To be fair, I would assume a TV to be higher quality (especially for the price) than those items you bought.

        Possibly but when you buy 3 things and need to get a refund on all 3, kinda leaves you a bit jaded

    I have purchased a TV, Air Conditioner and a Tablet from Kogan and love all of them, haven't had a signel issue with any of them. Every person has different experiences, so make your own decisions

      It's good that you have not had a signel issue with your purchases, but have you had a singleissue with any one of them?

      Sorry, it's late and I could not help myself....

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