Upgrade And Redesign Your Home On The Cheap This Weekend

Upgrade And Redesign Your Home On The Cheap This Weekend

You don’t need to put your home up for sale before you decide make it look a bit nicer. A fresh coat of paint in a few rooms, some DIY furniture projects, and a little decoration can make all the difference. Set aside some time this weekend to make your home look a little more awesome.

Put a Plan Together

You don’t need to know a lot about interior design to make your place look cool. You just need to know a little bit about colour, a lot about what you like, and a few helpful tips. First things first, you should read our home design guide. It will explain the basics on picking a colour scheme that works so you can stick to it and focus your choices of furniture and decoration around it. It will also give you the basics of mixing and matching furniture and learning how to paint walls effectively. You can make a room look bigger and consistent with what’s inside it. White looks boring, so get creative — so long as you don’t piss off your landlord if you’re a renter.

Your plan needs to fit your personality. Any interest can look good as decoration if you plan around it. If you love to surf, for example, maps of destinations and pictures of waves can look great. The colour schemes are consistent in those decorations and you can extend that to the rest of a particular room. If you don’t know what you want, just steal ideas you like from magazines. It won’t look the same when you’re done because you’ll alter things to your taste, but starting with a professional design as a base idea works well.

Maximise Your Space

If you have a big space, lucky you! So long as you don’t pack lots of stuff into it you have plenty of room to move around. Most of us have less room to work with, however, and need to find ways to maximise it so we’re not swimming through mounds of clutter.

If you’re putting together a home office and you have virtually no space, use a closet. Closet offices are awesome — it’s amazing to fit a productive space into such a small location. But regardless of the space you have, many of the same principles apply when you want to make it perfect. Good organisation, cable management, ergonomics all make a big impact on getting things done better.

As for the rest of your place, you really just have to concentrate on storing things effectively so they stay out of the way. When you have a bunch of stuff, you just need to get creative with where you put it. It doesn’t matter how much space you have so long as it feels open and uncluttered. But if you just have too much stuff to deal with, get rid of it and make some money in the process.

Upgrade Your Home’s Capabilities

If you want to do a little more with your living space, you can upgrade its capabilities and have a home of the future in no time.

Have a great weekend — Christmas is almost here!