Scammers Are Now Posing As ACMA ‘Do Not Call’ Reps

Scammers Are Now Posing As ACMA ‘Do Not Call’ Reps

How’s this for some ACMA-ception: scammers looking to lift your personal details are posing as representatives for the Australian Communications And Media Authority and its “Do Not Call” register. It stands to reason that you should not, in fact, give them any info about yourself.

The ACMA warned today that scam callers are contacting Aussies claiming to be from the Do Not Call Register. They’re reportedly attempting consumers to part with their personal information, which is a bad idea.

Says the ACMA of the new scam:

The scammers claim to be from, or work on behalf of, the ACMA, the Do Not Call Register or ‘the government’. Typically, the scammer starts the call by asking consumers how many telemarketing or nuisance calls they receive in a day. The caller then offers a device they claim will prevent all unwanted calls, explaining there is a charge for installation (e.g. approximately $170) that can be paid in instalments by credit card. The caller may also indicate they are pretending to be a telemarketer to test whether the consumer’s phone company would let the call through.

The simple message from the ACMA? Hang up.

The ACMA never makes calls to consumers offering them stuff related to the Do Not Call Register. There’s no such “device” to keep you safe from telemarketing calls, because it simply doesn’t exist. On top of all this, ACMA would never ask for your private information.

Don’t get scammed this Christmas. Report all scams to the ACCC on 1300 795 995 or visit ScamWatch.

Shouting man image via Shutterstock