Pinstriped Hides Your Messy Desktop Behind A Clean, Custom Interface

Windows/Mac: Need to project your desktop onto a big screen or share it with others, but don't want the world seeing all the files and folders on your desktop? Pinstriped is a customisable interface that keeps everything clean and tidy, and gets out of the way when you need to work.

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The video above does a great job of showing you how the basic overlay behaves — it can be tweaked and customised. If you give presentations often or share your computer with other people, it can be helpful to have a UI you can comfortably share.

When I was a project manager and led lots of meetings, my coworkers would often get distracted by whatever landscape I had as my wallpaper, and we teased consultants or sales people who came to pitch us their products about their messy desktops. Pinstriped would have eliminated that. It's in open beta.



    I'm curious to see how it works with multi-monitor setups, like you normally have when presenting. When they get around to finishing the Windows version I'll give it a try...

    Windows version not available as yet (according to their website)

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