Skitch Screenshot And Annotation Tool Comes To Windows

Windows: Skitch is a simple screenshot tool that makes it easy to edit, annotate, share photos instantly. It's our favourite screenshot tool for the Mac, and now it's finally available on Windows.

Skitch was one of our top 10 Mac applications that should be on Windows, and it seems they've finally answered our prayers: now Windows users can take screenshots, crop, tweak, annotate and instantly share photos. If you haven't used it before, you definitely need to check it out — it's easily one of the best ways to take and share screenshots with anyone. You can grab it both for the Windows desktop and Windows 8 tiled interface now.

Skitch is a free download for Windows.

Skitch for Windows Desktop and Skitch for Windows 8 Are Here! [Evernote Blog]


    OMG, finally!

    There's also the Windows Snipping Tool which has been under Accessories for about a decade.

      This let's you annotate

        As does the Snipping Tool - hence the pen, highlighter and eraser icons on its toolbar.

          Marketing. It's all in the marketing.

          Microsoft has a long, long history of making amazing things and not telling anyone about them.

    Pity about the grammar though. These "lit" shelves...

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