Lifehacker Awards 2013: Best Mobile OS

Lifehacker Awards 2013: Best Mobile OS

Our second Lifehacker Award for today is a doozy: best mobile OS. What do we most want to see on our phones?

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Readers’ Choice: Android

Claiming close to 60 per cent of the vote, Android comfortably romped it in, with iOS mopping up most of the rest of the votes.

Editor’s Pick: BlackBerry

The fact that BlackBerry 10 didn’t lead to the turnaround it wanted shouldn’t detract from the fact that it’s a really-well executed mobile OS — fast, fluid, well-designed, efficient, and easily the simplest OS to use on a phone one-handed. Hopefully some of these concepts will remain in the future, whatever happens to BlackBerry.

Thanks everyone for voting! Keep checking back throughout the week for more winners.


  • “Editor’s Pick: BlackBerry”
    Baahahaha… and there goes any credibility this otherwise might have had.

    • BB OS 10 is actually incredibly nice.. By far the best OS for multitasking on a phone.. And it can run all of androids apps..

      What exactly is your gripe with it? I would put money on that you’ve quite likely not even tried it..

      • Multitasking? No. More like app switching. There are only few devices that can do real muktitasking like the Note series of Samsung.

        • Nah, It has real – active multitasking – up to 8 apps at one time… Though it also has some very nice gesture based switching, which seems to be what you are referring to.

    • Agreed. Though I reckon it was picked simply because he didn’t want to deal with a flame war in the comments if he picked Android over iOS or vice-versa.

      A smart, headache-saving choice from the editor. ;p

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