Lifehacker Awards 2013: Best Mobile OS

Our second Lifehacker Award for today is a doozy: best mobile OS. What do we most want to see on our phones?

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Readers' Choice: Android

Claiming close to 60 per cent of the vote, Android comfortably romped it in, with iOS mopping up most of the rest of the votes.

Editor's Pick: BlackBerry

The fact that BlackBerry 10 didn't lead to the turnaround it wanted shouldn't detract from the fact that it's a really-well executed mobile OS — fast, fluid, well-designed, efficient, and easily the simplest OS to use on a phone one-handed. Hopefully some of these concepts will remain in the future, whatever happens to BlackBerry.

Thanks everyone for voting! Keep checking back throughout the week for more winners.


    "Editor’s Pick: BlackBerry"
    Baahahaha... and there goes any credibility this otherwise might have had.

      BB OS 10 is actually incredibly nice.. By far the best OS for multitasking on a phone.. And it can run all of androids apps..

      What exactly is your gripe with it? I would put money on that you've quite likely not even tried it..

        Multitasking? No. More like app switching. There are only few devices that can do real muktitasking like the Note series of Samsung.

          Nah, It has real - active multitasking - up to 8 apps at one time... Though it also has some very nice gesture based switching, which seems to be what you are referring to.

      Agreed. Though I reckon it was picked simply because he didn't want to deal with a flame war in the comments if he picked Android over iOS or vice-versa.

      A smart, headache-saving choice from the editor. ;p

      Last edited 12/12/13 10:58 pm

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