Lifehacker Awards 2013: Best Bank

Lifehacker Awards 2013: Best Bank

The 2013 Lifehacker Awards continue! Our second category today is best bank. And the winner is . . .

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Readers’ Choice: Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank dominated the voting, gathering almost 40 per cent of the final total. In technology terms, it’s a clear leader in the sector — from its range of mobile apps to its ever-evolving NetBank offering to its point-of-sale gear, there’s not many areas the bank isn’t actively experimenting in.

Editor’s Pick: Commonwealth Bank

On this occasion, I’m going with the readers. Advanced technology — both customer-facing and in the backend — makes Commonwealth the front-runner in this field.

Thanks everyone for voting! Keep checking back throughout the week for more winners.

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  • I’m not a Commonwealth user, but I’ve seen the NetBank app on iOS and it seems to be nothing more than a mobile site in an app wrapper. Definitely happier with NAB’s native app.

  • Better than Westpac. I tried to put $400 into my BankVic account through my local Westpac branch and after I handed them my money, I never saw it again. Even when I came back with a receipt and bank statement, the bank manager told me there’s nothing they can do.

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