Give Customers An Incentive To Keep Their Data Clean

Give Customers An Incentive To Keep Their Data Clean

Ensuring that customer data remains “clean” and accurate is a challenge for all sorts of businesses. That process is a lot simpler if your customers have an incentive to make sure their data remains accurate.

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Case in point: Tatts Group, which operates lotteries Australia-wide. According to chief technology officer Matthew Maw, calls to its centres with punters wanting to ensure their address details are accurate a head of a major draw number in the hundreds of thousands. “We have one of the cleanest databases of consumers [in Australia],” he told a VMware media lunch last week. The database becomes essentially self-correcting because consumers want to be on it.

The method isn’t perfect — this week’s $70 million Oz Lotto draw was won by an unregistered player. However, if someone has bothered to register their details, the odds they’ll ring up and ensure they’re accurate is much higher than their odds of actually winning.


  • I’m not sure what your point is here. It works for Tatts because of their specific business model, I don’t understand how this can be applied elsewhere.

    • The author is trying to say, if you want to clean your database of customers. You need to offer several million dollars on a weekly basis.

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