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What would you lose if your computer went into meltdown without warning? If it died today, how much data would your contingency plan actually save? As the adage goes, you can never be too prepared. What you need is a comprehensive backup plan that covers all the bases. We explain how to plan for the worst.


If there's one thing the 2016 eCensus outage has highlighted, it's that no organisation can take any chances with the privacy, confidentiality and security of the personal information it collects. Unfortunately, it would seem that hundreds of Australian businesses aren't any better than the ABS. A large-scale survey by IT security firm Shred-it revealed accidental data loss by an employee to be of greater concern than deliberate theft or sabotage. Despite this, training and policies relating to employees mishandling confidential information remains almost non-existent in many organisations. This infographic lays out the damaging facts and figures.


Summer holidays should be about sun, sea, lazing around and enjoying precious time with friends and loved ones. What they shouldn't involve is glancing at email or taking calls from work. Sadly, work often creeps into our well-earned breaks. While there's no way of averting true workplace emergencies, there is a lot IT managers can do to ensure their network (and the applications running on it) are as stable and secure as possible.