Get Better Photos At The Office Party By Adjusting For Overhead Lights

Get Better Photos At The Office Party By Adjusting For Overhead Lights

Getting solid pictures at a party is often hard enough as it is, but when that party’s in your office, things get really tough. Wired has tips on how to make the best of those terrible overhead lights.

Photo by Phil Sexton.

Fluorescent lights can really kill the mood of a photo, and it turns out that the best way to deal with those lights depends on the time of day:

If it can be helped, get a photo with lights pointing at your subject. If a bright light is behind your subject, the camera will try to expose to that light and your subject will be end up being under-exposed. If you’re having a day party (lame), get between the windows and your subjects. The natural light will be better than your office lighting.

Speaking of office lighting, beware of overhead fluorescent lights. They’re horrible for photography and make everyone look like a ghoul. Avoid any portrait-type photographs with this type of lighting unless you want your co-workers to hunt you down after the hangovers subside.

The flash on your smartphone can help with fill. But in dark situations, stand back at least four feet to give the light a chance to disperse before landing on your boss’ shiny face.

That should help you get a solid set of photos to embarrass your coworkers with in the new year.

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  • Should probably mention you can adjust your white balance for fluorescent lights which may help a bit.

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