Winamp, Our Favourite Media Player For Windows, Is Shutting Down

Winamp, Our Favourite Media Player for Windows, Is Shutting Down

Damn. It's been a good 15 years, but Winamp, our go-to desktop media player, is shutting down on 20 December.

A message on Winamp's home page states that and all Winamp downloads will disappear on that date. It's likely you'll still be able to find a download elsewhere on the net, but it won't receive any more updates from here on out.

We're sad, and a little nostalgic, but to be honest, we were already thinking about changing our official pick to one of the other great, mature media players out there — so this will make the decision a little easier. Stay tuned for more, and feel free to reminisce with us below.

End of an era: Once-popular media player Winamp closing down on December 20 [The Next Web]


    Winamp, Our Favourite Media Player For Windows, Is Shutting DownCould it be that your favourite media player has been way down on the list for most other people..? I mean c'mon VLC and a few other are getting all the traffic nowadays..! :)

    People still used Winamp?

    It's still better than iTunes I guess, but I don't know anyone thats used it in the last 5 years or so.

    Used to love Winamp 2.x but after discovering Foobar 2000 I never looked back. It's still a shame though.

      I am in exactly the same boat. The change to foobar was hard at first, it took a few hours of messing about with settings and configuration to get it where I wanted it. But it is so insanely responsive and it's the only media player that's capable of tracking and managing my super huge music collection without lag.

        I spent a few hours on foobar, couldn't get the damn thing working!

    Winamp is the best! booo

    But Winamp has the best visualizer ever, Milkdrop. I'm sad. Please sign the petition to make Winamp open source.

      Dem visualisations. Ain't none better. I remember many good nights spent in my dorm, bass kicking, oscillating light on the ceiling, Winamp blasting on my screen.

    Son of a bitch and I just bought Winamp pro like 3 months ago too. I've been using this since it's first inception. Still use it today and will continue using it until something better comes along, especially since I paid for the bloody thing

    "Winamp. It really whipped the llama's ass"

      Even though I knew that phrase was always going to auto play after installation, it always made me jump because it was so damn loud.

    Damn. Winamp is still my favourite media player by far. VLC is my pick for playing a single song/video, but for managing my music library I always go back to Winamp. The only program that's come close to replacing it for me is MusicBee, which I might end up doing permanently soon.

    Pfft. Winamp. VLC for video, MusicBee for audio. Done.

    WinAmp was great until AOL went and stuffed it full of bloat and crap.

    But now theres rumors of Microsoft wanting to buy up WinAmp and Shoutcast.

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