Winamp Is Back, And Wants To Be Your One-Stop Media Player Again

Image: Winamp

Winamp is ready to make its triumphant return to your desktop - and your tablet, and your smartphone. Of course what most people don't realise is that Winamp never really went away, people just stopped using it because there were better options on the market. Now it's being redesigned for the modern media age.

You probably remember Winamp for its ubiquity in the early 2000s and the giant library of user-created skins you could spend hours going through to find just the right one (even though you just can't beat the green-head guy with speaker ears). Most people probably moved on from Winamp around the time when iTunes started picking up popularity, however, and now only a small, dedicated community still swear by the antiquated player.

Winamp got its last update all the way back in 2013, but now there are changes afoot. A new update bringing the version number to 5.8 leaked recently, and now has its official release later this week. But Winamp 5.8 is just the beginning - it's Winamp 6 you want to look out for.

The music playing landscape is now more fractured than ever, and Winamp wants to be your one go-to once again.

The mission statement for Winamp's new revamped form is to bring everything you listen to - MP3s, podcasts and streaming services included - into one single app. While the desktop app is going to be updated, the bigger news is that Winamp will be coming to mobile devices for the first time, and it'll be this version that brings the big updates.

That's the pitch, of course, but as of right now it's sorely lacking in details to give us any idea of how it'll look. In an interview with TechCrunch, Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO of Winamp owner Radionomy, declined to specify what services were confirmed to be on board with Winamp's new 'all-in-one' approach, or how it would even look to link up your Spotify, Apple Music or whatever else you currently subscribe to.

As for me, though, I only have one request: bring the green head skin to the mobile app, please.


    So their mission isn't to kick the llamas ass?

    Gotta say, there was already a Winamp for Android, complete with the 'It really whips the Lama's ass!' line at start up. I have the .apk for it because it's not on the Playstore anymore...

    Winamp used to have an Android app, I used it until a few years ago.

    I've been creating MP3s since about 1995, and was a big fan of Winamp back in its heyday. Mostly because it was one of the few music programs at the time that worked properly
    (and when your competition includes Real Player it wasn't a difficult choice).

    However, they will have to release something pretty special to get me back now.

      The joys of early MP3 creation. Audio cable from the output on the CD-ROM to the audio in at the back of the PC, play the track in realtime, save as a WAV and then when you had enough (usually an album) set it to encode while at school. Some larger tracks could take up to an hour on my P166.

      I think Audiocatalyst was the first ripping program I got a hold of... Would rip a CD in under 10 minutes! And WinAmp - Was the absolute default MP3 player amongst everyone I knew for quite some time.

    ill be keeping my big green ears open for more news later in the week

    Not true - Winamp did “go away” - it was shut down by AOL about five years ago, and then soon after ‘resurrected’ after they sold the Nullsoft IP, but no update was ever released by the new owners (until now).

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