The Big Data We Collect But Fail To Analyse

The Big Data We Collect But Fail To Analyse

It’s one thing to log data; it’s another to actually do something with it. A recent IDC survey of 100 Australia CIOs highlights the areas where data is most likely to be ignored. While newer and more complex forms of data such as video are neglected, we’re also not doing much with plain web log files.

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The study, part of broader research into data management commissioned by CommVault, included a question about the data that was collected and whether that data was analysed. Here are the full results for Australia:

Data type % that capture % that analyse
User-generated text (forms, emails) 87 82
Transactional data 83 76
Log files 74 67
Machine/sensor data 62 58
Web logs 52 42
Video 49 28
Audio 39 18
GPS data 33 42
Social network chatter 26 17

Analysis for its own sake is pointless, but taking advantage of big data starts by creatively utilising existing sources. Just checking financial data won’t help with that.