Lets You Visualise And Analyse Binary Files

There are plenty of programs and services out there that can analyse data. But being able to visualise and interact with data means you can interpret it in a different way with the potential for new discoveries. Enter, a service that lets you visually explore data in binary files.'s creator, Aldo Cortesi, has been experimenting with data visualisation for several years and has used the tool for visualising entropy in binary files as well as applying it to malware. Now has become an online service that allows users to upload files and interact with the data. It uses a Hibert curve mapping method, the tool can create a 2D image of the data that makes up a file.

Through the tool, you can:

  • Visually explore binary data
  • Cluster bytes to pick out fine structural features with space-filling curves
  • Use the simple scan layout to navigate and select data intuitively
  • Flip between a number of useful byte color mappings, including an entropy visualiser that lets you pick out compressed or encrypted sections
  • Export data segments for analysis

Each colour you see in corresponds to a source byte value, making it easier to look at an overview of a file's structure in a holistic way. While it may not be particularly useful for some people, it is an interesting way to learn more about how data is arranged in a file. The ability to interact with each section of the generated image to find out what type of data it corresponds to is also a nifty feature.

You can try out for yourself over at this dedicated webpage.



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