Stop Working At The Best Part To Easily Resume Later

Stop Working At The Best Part To Easily Resume Later

When you are working on a project, it can take time to get into the flow — and become much harder to resume with the same flow after a break. You can make it easier by intentionally stopping work at the most interesting part, advises Brian Bailey, creator of Uncommon.

He picked up the idea from authors who stop in the middle of a sentence, paragraph or page, even if they have a rhythm going. This way, when they resume later, they have a clear place to start writing and perhaps even a ready foundation to build on.

Be intentional about where you stop for the day. If you’re designing a web page or screen for an app, for instance, try stepping away from the laptop after you’ve made significant progress, but before it’s complete. The next time you dive in, it will be much easier to start.

While it can be hard to break the rhythm when you feel productive, it can deliver dividends long-term, especially on longer projects.

Picking Up Where You Left Off [Brian Bailey]

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