Keep Cut Cheese From Drying Out With A Dab Of Butter

Keep Cut Cheese From Drying Out With A Dab Of Butter

Ideally, you don’t take out a giant block of cheese and eat the entire thing. If you put some back in the refrigerator when finished, you have a cut area that gets dry and potentially inedible next time you want a cheese snack. According to BuzzFeed, you can prevent this problem with a dab of butter.

Photo by Jules Morgan

Before you put the cheese back in its refrigerated home, take a small amount of butter and rub it on the area where you, uh, cut the cheese. Place it back in the fridge and when you want more later, you won’t have a dry edge you have to cut off and throw away.

For more ways to preserve your groceries longer, check out the full post over at BuzzFeed.

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  • Or just wrap it tightly in grease proof paper. It doesn’t dry out (or at least does so *very* slowly) like it would if uncovered and doesn’t sweat like it would wrapped in plastic.

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