Decrap Uninstalls All The Bloatware On Your New PC Automatically

No one likes bloatware, especially on a shiny new laptop. If you find wading through the program manager in Windows tedious and annoying, Decrap will volunteer to do the work for you.

The app is fairly straightforward. When you first run it, Decrap will generate a list of all the software that you may want to uninstall. Here, you can deselect an item if you'd like to keep it, and otherwise you can blow it all away. Once the app starts running, it will start the uninstaller from each app it removes and confirm all dialog boxes that pop up. You can just walk away.

Decrap [via AddictiveTips]


    There should be a law that says you can't ad crapware to the recovery disks... Nothing like doing a fresh install and then having to uninstall all the crap that was clogging the thing up in the first place....!

    For windows 7 don't use recovery disks
    get the windows Iso here
    and make a Koala USB install stick with it

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    I'd be wary of using this if you don't know what you're doing. On my laptop it finds and wants to remove more legitimate software than it does crapware, significantly more.

      I think if you use it right from first install, you will get a more balanced list of stuff that needs to be removed. Using it after you've installed all your stuff may cause a problem...

    This app could be dangerous if it was true to its word, it could leave your computer unprotected or even stop hardware working. It would definitely uninstall Symantec Internet Security, virtually every Sony Vaio driver, Internet Explorer, plus many others

      While this is true, it's up to you to know what you're doing and not just uninstall everything without knowing what it is.
      Maybe it would be better if all the boxes came unchecked first because you're right about not wanting to remove drivers.
      But aside from drivers, I always remove everything. I'd rather start with a clean slate even if I redownload stuff that was already there because they're generally not the latest versions anyway

    When I get a new computer the first thing I do is use my own Windows install disks for a clean install then download drivers as needed

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