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  • How To Keep Windows 10 Organised, Pretty And Productive

    How To Keep Windows 10 Organised, Pretty And Productive

    Microsoft Windows be a bit of a mess. It’s not always the operating system’s fault. You download tons of apps and files, and create new content stuff of your own, until your “Downloads” directory looks like a landfill for old content. Your desktop is so full of icons, you can’t see your pretty wallpaper. Your…

  • PSA: It’s Safe To Use CCleaner Again

    A new version of an app comes out, you update. No brainer. Except in the case of CCleaner, which has been all over the place in terms of privacy and security in recent times. Fortunately, it looks like the system maintenance app is back on track as of version 5.46.

  • 20 Windows Tips And Tricks For Better Organisation

    You probably spend more time than you realise copying, moving, renaming, and otherwise organising files on your Windows hard drive — so knowing how to do all of this faster and smarter can claw back a serious amount of time. Here are 20 of our favourite hacks and tricks for mastering File Explorer and file…

  • Why Fast SSD Storage Might Be The Best Upgrade For Your Computer

    Before you throw out that old desktop or laptop, consider upgrading its storage. Whether your computer uses a hard drive or an older solid-state drive (or SSD) it’s probably time to upgrade it. SSDs are getting faster every years and replacing the storage in your old computer with a new SSD won’t cost you too…