BlackBerry Express Builds Presentations With A 140-Character Limit

BlackBerry Express Builds Presentations With A 140-Character Limit

BlackBerry: Many presentations falter because the slides are overloaded with text and fiddly animations. BlackBerry Express is a presentation builder that eliminates that issue: you can’t have more than 140 characters on a single slide, and formatting is applied automatically.

That’s a clever way to work around the obvious limitations of trying to create a presentation on a mobile device, but it also means you have to focus on the structure of what you want to say and can assemble a basic presentation very quickly. You can create chapters and bullet points and add images, but other than that formatting is handled automatically.

BlackBerry is going through a challenging period at the moment, which means this app is unlikely to be used by too many people, which seems a pity. Presentations can be presented via the HDMI port on the BlackBerry, shared wirelessly via MiraCast or exported.

The software is in beta right now, and works on the Z10 and Z30 once updated to BlackBerry OS 10.2. (Alas, it hasn’t yet been adapted for the different screen size of the Q10. Curses!)

Create stunning presentations on the fly with BlackBerry Express Beta [BlackBerry Blog]


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