Tips For Your iPhone 4s, 5s And 5c, Courtesy Of Apple

The internet's full of guides to help you navigate Apple's latest and greatest phones, but would you be inclined to get hints and tips from Apple itself? Well, owners of the iPhone 4s, 5c and 5s can find out right now.

Jordan Golson over at MacRumors noticed the guides yesterday, which cover everything from photography and gestures to maps and music. Each section features between three-to-four tips.

Here are direct links for the various phones:

If you discover something new, let us know!

Apple Adds 'Tips and Tricks' Guide for iPhone 4s, 5c and 5s to iPhone Website [MacRumors]


    ...and none of them say to bin it?


      Anyway, they have high resale value and its irresponsible to bin them given Apple's free recycling program.

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