Switch Your PC On By Knocking Its Desk

There are days when you probably do want to thump your computer. But what if you could use that anger to actually power it on?

This is the idea behind this nifty little hack, which uses a small sensor to emulate a PS/2 device connected to a PC that can take PS/2 input as a signal to boot. It's not entirely a casual hack, although with listed pricing at around $US10 in parts, it's not exactly expensive, either.

Turn a PC on with a Knock and an ATTiny [Hack A Day]


    would be better if wireless and built into your chair.. if I have to thump my desk, I might as well thump my keyboard, which turns it on..

    Already happens for me when I don't want it! Pretty sure if the mouse moves (it's wireless so always powered) or a keyboard button gets pressed it turns on. I guess I can probably change that in the BIOS settings, I just haven't been bothered to.

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