Turn Your PC On With A Knock

Clicking a button to turn on your computer isn't particularly difficult, but if you're looking for a more personalised way to turn your PC on, Code and Life shows off how to turn your computer on with a knock.

The build here costs about $US10 and uses an ATtiny45, piezo sensor, PS/2 connector and a few other minor items. The end result is a switch that will turn your computer on (or off) with a knock. It's a simple setup that shouldn't take long to make. You can find the full how to over on Code and Life.

Turning PC On with a Knock Using ATtiny45 and a Piezoelectric Sensor [Code and Life via Hack a Day]


    NFC tag and PC autowaker app is a better plan. Stick it on the front of your door and it will be on by the time I'm upstairs.

    I usually have to "knock" my computer to start (with size 10's) ;>)

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